Hope Lives - Vive la Esperanza


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Who We Are

Hope Lives ­ - Vive La Esperanza is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit Peer/Community Run Organization, established  in 2010. We are a multicultural community service agency whose purpose is to address  the growing barriers to care for underserved populations and communities.


Our Specialty Support Services

Forensic Peer Support 

Hope Lives - Vive la Esperanza actively integrates Forensic Peer Support Specialists to provide direct peer support services in:

  • City of Phoenix Municipal Court – Behavioral Health Court

  • City of Tempe Municipal Court – Mental Health Court

  • City of Glendale Municipal Court – Mental Health Court

  • City of Chandler Municipal  Court – Mental Health Court

  • Maricopa County Superior Court – SMI Probation Mental Health Court

  • Coconino County Mental Health Court (Flagstaff)

  • City of Flagstaff DUI/Drug Court


Additional services include community reentry planning from jail/ prison in the identified  counties above and reentry whole housing kits. 


 Supported Employment Program

Hope Lives - Viva la Esperanza provides competitive employment/ job development and job training in fields such as janitorial/ custodial, clerical/ executive assistant, library industries, jewelry manufacturing/ design. We also help in job placement and provide job coaching.


Survivors of Suicide Peer Support Groups

Hope Lives - Vive la Esperanza facilitates this group on the Phoenix and Flagstaff campuses. This group remains consistent to the adherence of the Peer Support Whole Health Model and the peer support continuum of care. We provide educational/ awareness/ prevention learning materials. Group dialogue and activities are kept confidential and all participants are respected regarding their culture, values and beliefs.